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GIPathDoc - Another great case. Glad to hear that my initial thought of fundic gland polyp wasn't crazy. However, if you find a fundic gland polyp in your collection the comparison would certainly be useful.

----Comment by: PathDoc15 on 2/16/2007 1:23:07 PM

Great case. can we assese this as parital cells pre hyperplasia?

----Comment by: nulick on 8/24/2008 9:46:08 AM

Nulick - Welcome to the site. I think the best interpretation for this case is mild chronic gastritis. I put an arrow in an area of some chronic inflammation with a gathering of plasma cells. It would be a stretch to call this a fundic gland polyp without some nice dilated glands.

----Comment by: Pathdoc15 on 8/24/2008 12:38:48 PM Click to add this comment's arrows to the image above

In an unrelated topic - I wonder if anyone would comment on the apparent increased incidence of fundic gland polyps and association with proton pump inhibitors. I have seen seemingly strong publications going both ways. [Ref #1] and [Ref #2] (this second one is a review, so see the references within)

----Comment by: Pathdoc15 on 8/24/2008 12:42:51 PM


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