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These look like vascular channels lined by atypical hobnailed endothelial cells. A couple of the channels contain red blood cells. I think this is probably a malignant vascular tumor, but I guess I couldn't totally rule out something benign, like a hobnail hemangioma based on this picture alone. It being in the skin, Kaposi sarcoma is a consideration, though to me, it doesn't have the typical histological pattern and is a little too atypical. Angiosarcoma is on the list. I would get CD31 CD34 Factor VIII and prove it was vascular, and maybe an HHV8 if there was reason to believe he may have Kaposi.

----Comment by: kyouens on 9/18/2007 6:44:53 PM

Agreed - I fall on the malignant vascular side. Unfortunately, this picture was donated by a colleague and I don't have immunostains.

----Comment by: PathDoc15 on 9/19/2007 4:05:14 AM


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